How does a freelance assistant work?

I mostly do teleworking, thanks to a good computer and a high speed internet connection.

My antivirus software is kept up to date, so as to ensure the safety of our exchanges and documents.

It's a very quick and straightforward way to work which enables us to go beyond any geographic boundaries and avoid any waste of time.

I can however study your specific requests for on-site interventions around Bordeaux.

Why call in a freelance assistant?

  • Can you always plan what amount of administrative work you'll have to face in the next few months?
  • Is it enough to hire somebody even part-time to help you? 
  • Is it worth the costs and long term obligations?

Choosing to work with a freelance assistant gives you the necessary flexibility you couldn't afford with an employee.

It's an easy, fast and reliable way to deal with your administrative work and limit your expenses at the same time:

  • A freelance assistant is available "à la carte".
  • No need to hire someone and endure the administrative burdens and costs. 
  • Teleworking also means no investment to arrange a workstation within your premises.
  • No obligations: the duration of our collaboration is defined by the cost estimate we sign beforehand.
  • No hidden costs: the price to pay is also defined by the cost estimate we sign beforehand. 
  • Last but not least: with every mission you entrust me with, I get to know your work habits better. Our partnership becomes all the more efficient.

 As your freelance assistant I see myself as a genuine business partner, working towards the success of your company as if it were my own.


Most of the tasks I perform are charged on an hourly basis.

For instance, basic secretarial work is charged as of 32 €/hour.


Please be aware that the rates are not submitted to the French VAT, under the terms of article 293B of the French General Tax Code (CGI).