Who am I?

Alexandra, your freelance assistant located between Brives (19), Cahors and Figeac, France (46).


After 10 years spent as a bilingual executive assistant in various companies (Lagardère Travel Retail France and two Law firms), I decided to raise up to the challenge of starting my own business. This way, I can do what I like best: help others get the work done.


I have a French bachelor's degree in foreign languages (English and German) from the University of Paris-Ouest, and I also spent the third year studying at the University of Nottingham UK, thanks to the Erasmus exchange programme.

Once I was back in France, I graduated as an Executive Assistant after a 2 years course in Advancia, a school attached to the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


The year spent in the UK enabled me to improve my English skills and I have done my best to go on practising ever since. English is a language I love and I take great pleasure in talking, reading and writing in English.


My solid academic background and extensive experience will ensure you to have an efficient and enthousiastic partner!